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about us

As we start to feel the negative effects of global environmental problems in our daily lives, it has never been more urgent for us to face up to our individual and social responsibilities. Mankind needs to initiate a full-fledged effort to reverse the environmental damage of our own making. In 2007 we started our own effort to make a difference for our planet. Our ambition is to be part of projects that make a difference for our precious environment by using our expertise in voluntary carbon emission offset business. This business offers commercial gains for energy and industrial firms that share the same environmental consciousness.

Supporting us to fulfill our ambition, our partner Vertis Environmental Finance was founded in 1998 as one of the pioneer companies working on the emission trading and is the most experienced emissions trading finance house in Central Europe. Offering both project development and brokerage services, in 2003 Vertis executed its first voluntary emission reduction transaction – the credits were used to offset the international climate change summit in Milan that year. The volume of its total brokerage transactions reached several hundred million Euros in 2008 alone. Vertis’s client portfolio includes leading energy companies as Siemens, RWE, Eon, and AES Corporation; counterparties including RBS, Barclays Capital, and Trading Emissions. Moreover, its government advisory service has been used by Canada, Hungary, Japan, Ukraine and the World Bank.